Master Facility Plan
2016-2026: Master 10-Year Facility Plan
What is a master facility plan? It is a history of the district’s construction as well as a projection of what our growth might be in the next 10 years. The plan is essential to help us manage population growth, maintain high academic standards and coordinate with governmental agencies. Our plan is part of a larger, comprehensive plan in New Castle County. This allows for better coordination, cooperation and use of taxpayers’ dollars. In addition, it provides us with clear focus and direction and assures the residents of our school district that we are managing growth in a responsive manner.

It’s important to remember that the plan is fluid. There is room for adjustment should enrollment projections change over the course of the next ten years. Timelines may be fine-tuned and adjustments may be made for unforeseen events. The plan gives a general direction and allows us to be proactive, especially with regard to the acquisition of property.
  • In the links below, you'll see a copies of our 10-year Master Facility Plan and a report Superintendent Burrows delivered to parents and the public in Winter 2016. The brochure was mailed to every home in our district (26,000 households).
  • Please click on the video at the upper left hand side of this page to hear Superintendent Matt Burrows' discuss our 10-Year Master Facility Plan – a presentation he delivered at the January 12, 2016 Board of Education Meeting as well as two, well-attended Town Hall Meetings.
Student enrollment in Appoquinimink Schools more than doubled from 1998 to 2008. Growth slowed during the recession, but picked up again in Summer 2015 when we welcomed 500 new students – enough pupils to open a new school! We continue to enroll additional students each week, keeping pace with new home construction in the area.

Thanks to strong community support, we have been able to meet this challenge with an aggressive, long-range facility development plan. The plan includes a combination of new school construction and additions/renovations to existing buildings, allowing us to maximize available learning space.

Construction History:
2014   Townsend Elementary Renovation
2012   Old State Elementary School
2012   Spring Meadow Early Childhood Center
2011   Olive B. Loss Elementary Addition
2009   Bunker Hill Elementary School
2008   Appoquinimink High School
2008   Townsend Early Childhood Center
2008   Marion E. Proffitt Training Center Renovation
2007   Alfred G. Waters Middle School
2006   Louis L. Redding Middle School Addition
2005   Cedar Lane Early Childhood Center
2003   Brick Mill Elementary School
2002   Olive B. Loss Elementary School
2002   Cedar Lane Elementary School Addition
2002   Everett Meredith Middle School Addition
2000   Middletown High School Addition
2000   Appoquinimink Early Childhood Center
1999   Cedar Lane Elementary School Addition
1997   Middletown High School