Feeder Pattern
The Board of Education has approved new Neighborhood Feeder Patterns for our School District. The transition represents a multi-year process.

Background: In December 2016, local residents approved funding for three new schools to address the fast-paced growth occurring in the Appoquinimink School District. Whenever new schools open, the District feeder pattern changes.

After much planning and discussion, the new neighborhood feeder patterns were approved by the School Board at their January 9, 2018 meeting.

Feeder pattern transitions will begin as new school construction – Lorewood Grove Elementary, Cantwell's Bridge Middle, Odessa High – is completed. These changes will reflect the progression outlined in the 2016 Referendum presentation.

We're grateful to the parents, staff and planning experts who served on the Feeder Pattern Committee. Their dedication included months of meetings (April 2017-January 2018); organized public workshops in the north, central and southern portion of the district; a report and presentations at four separate Board of Education Meetings; and a final recommendation reflecting revisions deemed appropriate as a result of the feedback received. The Board expressed their gratitude, eventually voting to adopt the plan as submitted.

A wealth of information has been developed to help you follow along with these developments.

Of course we understand that not everyone was able to join us in person. Content including our: Timeline, Interactive "Street View" Maps, a District View: Feeder Pattern Map, Feeder Pattern Presentation, Change Maps, FAQs, Neighborhood Feeder Pattern Guide is available on our website and the District's mobile app.

In Spring 2018, we will be sending a personalized communication to every family enrolled in the District. That letter will provide confirmation of the home's new feeder pattern and a reminder about when these changes will go into effect.

We anticipate sending out reminders at regular intervals between now and the time the new feeder patterns go into effect. As referenced above, this will be a multi-year process. The information will also continue to be featured prominently on our website and mobile app.


Should you have any questions about these changes, please feel free to share them with  the administrator at your child's school or email