Parent University
We know that students benefit when parents take an active role in their child's education. In order to support this relationship, the Appoquinimink School District has developed a program called, Parent University.

Our mission is to mobilize parent power to encourage greater family involvement and develop a lasting learning partnership.

You'll find information her to help:  1) support your children with learning, 2) keep your family growing physically and mentally healthy, 3) grow your own skills as a learner, leader and advocate.

Programs are typically offered during evening hours.  Childcare may be available - if so, it will be noted in the program description.  We hope our community will find the sessions beneficial as we work together to ensure our students will have the advantage of an outstanding education.

Upcoming Workshops
You are invited to attend ANY of the workshops, events or activities listed below.  The information provided is not specific to a particular building, unless otherwise noted and is considered beneficial to a large percentage of our families.

Why is The Parent University important?
A study by the National Center for Family and Community Connections shows that regardless of race, income or language barriers, the benefits of parental and community involvement for students include: 
  • Higher grade point averages and higher scores on standardized tests
  • Higher enrollment in more challenging academic programs
  • More classes passed and credits earned
  • Better school attendance
  • Less retention
  • Improved behavior at home and school
  • Better social skills and adaptation to school