New Parent Packet
Welcome to the Appoquinimink School District! As a new or prospective parent, we've tried to help you by compiling a list of useful information. More details can be found on school and district websites or by contacting the office staff at your student’s school.

What is the Summer Reading Program?
In the summer, we want children to be actively engaged in reading good books. Age-appropriate assignments have been complied into a Summer Reading Packet posted on the website. Assignments are due back the first Thursday we return to school.

What supplies will my child need for school?
Each school is compiling a list that will be posted on websites in early July – in plenty of time to take advantage of the back-to-school sales. If you have any questions, be sure to talk to the office staff at your child’s school.

Is there an orientation for new families?
  • District Orientation Program
    In August, just before the new school year starts, Superintendent Matt Burrows hosts an orientation program for all new families. The program includes a virtual tour of our schools, a review of the district’s innovative curriculum, recent academic performance, the strategic plan, construction projects and more. We’ll end with questions from the audience.
  • Meet the Teacher Night
    Families with a K-5 student will be invited to attend a Meet the Teacher event approximately one week before school starts. You’ll tour the building, meet your child's teacher and administrators, and have a chance to sign up for the PTA/PTO and socialize with other families.
  • 9th Grade Back To School Night
    Ninth graders and their parents will be invited to a relaxed evening event (typically a cookout or barbecue) to celebrate the first day of school. We’ll have information about what the year has in store for freshman, including displays about the various sports and clubs available to students.
  • Open House
    Open House events will be occurring at all our schools in September. These nighttime programs give parents a chance to experience each class and meet the teachers who are interacting with their student.
What is the school dress code?
Uniforms are not required in Appoquinimink Schools. However, there are specific guidelines in place regarding our approved dress code. They are discussed in the Parent Handbook (Grade K) or Student Agenda Book (Grades 1-12) issued to your child at the beginning of each school year. In addition, the information can be found under the STUDENTS button on this website. If you desire more information, please contact the front desk at your student’s school.

Is before and after-school care available?
For the convenience of our parents, Early Childhood Centers and Elementary Schools host a licensed, on-site child care program. These child care providers are not affiliated with our schools, so registration must be handled separately. For more information, contact the School Secretary.

In addition, more than 80 area child care centers operate in and around the Appoquinimink School District. For a complete list of licensed providers, contact Children & Families First at 800.734.2388,

How do we communicate with teachers?
All of our teachers and administrators have email addresses and review their messages daily. If you have any questions or concerns or need to provide the teacher with additional information, please email or send a written note in to school. Note: you’ll find the list of staff emails on your school website.

What time does school start and end?
In a fast-growing district like Appoquinimink, start and dismissal times are reviewed and revised annually. The schedule for the current year is posted on school and district websites.

What is the procedure for drop-off and pick-up of car riders?
In August, the principal will send home a letter with important back-to-school information, including the procedure for drop-off and pick-up of car riders. If you have additional questions, please contact the office staff at your child’s school. Remember: School bus lanes and bus parking areas must remain open at all times. Do not drop your student off at school unless there is an authorized adult there to receive him/her.

When will we get information about our bus route?
Families will receive a mailer with bus route information in mid-August. This delay is necessary to accommodate the influx of new students, address change requests, etc. Your child’s school can also produce an individualized printout upon request. Note: Childcare transportation requests are handled by the office staff at your student’s school.

What if my child is absent, late or needs an early dismissal?
In all cases of absence or tardiness, your student must bring a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian. The note should indicate the date and reason for lateness or absence. Tardy notes are turned in to the front office staff upon arrival. Absence notes can be turned in to the front office staff, or, in the case of PK-5 students, the homeroom teacher.

Requests for early dismissal or extended absences must be made in advance by a written note signed by a parent/guardian, indicating the time, date and reason. Permission will be granted in accordance with the policy of the school and district. For more information on this topic, please refer to the Student Code of Conduct.

If an emergency develops while your child is at school necessitating a change to the usual dismissal pattern, you must contact the main office.

How should I send my child’s medicine to school?
If you are sending medication to school, it must be accompanied by a note signed by a parent/guardian. Instructions for the nurse must include: 1) Name of medication, 2) Amount of medication being sent to school (the school nurse will verify), 3) Dosage, time and reason for the medication.

All medication must be in its original container, with the prescription label attached. Prescription medication must be properly labeled with the student's name; the licensed health care provider's name; the name of the medication; the dosage; how and when it is to be administered; the name and phone number of the pharmacy and the current date of the prescription. Nurses cannot dispense medication repackaged in plastic baggies, foil or other incorrect containers.

If the weather is bad, how will we learn about cancellations or closings?
During inclement weather or emergency situations, early dismissal/school closing information for the Appoquinimink School District will be available from the following:
    Please make sure the school has your current information on file
  • RADIO STATIONS: 92.9 FM WDSD, 93.7 FM WSTW, 99.5 FM WJBR, 1150 AM WDEL, 1410 AM WDOV, 1450 AM WILM
Please DO NOT call the school office.
Weather Disclaimer: Parents are partners in our district. If, at any time, you believe the weather conditions make it unsafe to send your student to school, we will respect your right to keep your child home that day. Be advised that your student will be responsible for any missed homework or tests and must bring in a signed note from you the following day.
How will I hear about news and events at my student’s school?
Our schools communicate in a number of ways.
  • Elementary buildings send home a weekly packet – often called the Friday Folder.
  • Students carry an agenda book where the teacher may ask them to include notes and reminders for parents.
  • School websites are updated on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.
  • Many ECCs and Elementary Schools also produce a monthly newsletter.
  • Grade 3-12 teachers use the Home Access Center (HAC) to post information about attendance, schedules, homework, grades and more.
  • Our free Mobile Appo (iPhone and Android compatible) lets you catch up whenever and wherever it's convenient by using your Smart Phone, Tablet or other mobile device.
  • Finally, all our buildings make use of an automated call/email system to issue reminders about performances, workshops, testing and special events.
How do I keep abreast of district-wide news and events?
  • An electronic newsletter, the Appoquinimink Bulletin, is issued 1-2 times each month to the email address(es) on file for your family. If you are not currently receiving a copy, please follow the link above to sign up!
  • We update the district's Facebook page and website several times a week.
  • An automated call system is used to send phone, email and/or text messages on an as-needed basis. As you can see, it's important to make sure that the phone numbers, email address, mobile phone and emergency contacts we have on file for you are accurate.
  • Our Mobile App keeps you connected to school and district news while you're on the go.
  • In addition, print publications including our Annual Report and Strategic Plan are mailed to homes and posted on our website in the fall each year.
  • The superintendent addresses parent and community groups on a regular basis. More than 70 of these presentations took place last year. They included our PTAs, the Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, local homeowner's associations, Women's Clubs and more. If you are active in a local organization and wish to request a presentation for your group, call us at (302) 376-4101 and we'll be happy to assist you.
Is there a school calendar?
The district-wide calendar is posted on school and district websites. It contains information about district-wide holidays, celebrations, performances and events including: Meet the Teacher Night, the Spring Art Show, the Education Fair, Testing, Field Day, and Band, Chorus & Concert Performances at each school. During the year, your building will supplement this information with details about events that are specific to your school. Check the electronic calendar on your school website for updates.

How often do students receive report cards?
Students in grades K-5 receive cards three times a year: fall, winter and spring. The first two semesters, distribution will coincide with parent conferences. Students will bring home their final report card on the last day of classes.

Report cards are issued quarterly for Grades 6-12. Information is mailed home and can be accessed electronically from the Home Access Center on school and district websites.

The annual schedule for report cards is posted under the DEPARTMENTS button in the CURRICULUM section.

Are teacher conferences mandatory?
Conferences are the primary way that the teachers communicate with individual parents. A school-wide conference day is scheduled in the fall to give parents and teachers an opportunity to discuss individual student performance. A second conference occurs at the end of the second report card period, but parents are encouraged to request a conference any time there are problems or concerns. Parents may leave a message by telephone, email or a note sent into school. The teacher will then schedule a time to discuss your concern with you.

When and where do the students have lunch?
As a general rule, lunches are eaten in the cafeteria under the supervision of lunch monitors. In order to serve all our students, it is necessary to schedule several different lunch periods during the day at most schools. Lunch times will be communicated by your home school at the start of the year.

Where do we find breakfast and lunch menus?
Students in Grades 1-12 have the option of purchasing a nutritious breakfast or lunch daily. These healthy meals contain 30% or less fat. The same is true for most snack and a la carte items. Soda is not sold at any of our schools during the regular school day. Beverage options include water, 100% juice, milk, and ice tea (available for grades 9-12 only).

Copies of the kindergarten, elementary and secondary school menus are posted on school and district websites. In an effort to “go green” we no longer send this document home. It’s recommended that you save a copy to your home computer since the online version is changed to reflect the upcoming month’s menus on or around the third week of each month. If you lose your copy contact the school and they can email the information.

How do students pay for meals?
Pre-payment of meals and snacks is available at each of our schools. Participating students will be assigned a confidential PIN number at the beginning of the school year, which will allow them to access an individual account. The PIN number will remain the same throughout your student's tenure at his/her school, changing only upon graduation to another building. Therefore, students are encouraged NOT to share their PIN number with other students.

What emergency procedures are in place?
Each building has a School Safety Team. It is their job to develop and practice evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency. We regularly have drills for bus safety, fire safety, sheltering (extreme weather, nuclear threat) and lockdown (unannounced visitor). These drills are practiced not to scare the children but to prepare them to react to an emergency situation in an orderly, calm manner. If you’d like to see a copy of your school’s Crisis Response Plan, be sure to ask the principal.

What is the wellness policy?
Appoquinimink is committed to providing a school environment that promotes children’s health, wellbeing, and ability to learn by supporting nutritional standards, nutritional education, and sufficient physical activity. Information about our Wellness Policy and Plan can be found under the NUTRITION button of our website.

How does the wellness policy affect classroom parties?
We seek to promote healthy habits by providing celebrations that shift the focus from the food to the child. The Wellness Committee has created a list of Healthy Snack Guidelines and Suggestions, These ideas are located under the DEPARTMENTS button in the NUTRITION section.

What do I need to do to volunteer at my student’s school?
There are countless opportunities to volunteer. Please see the COMMUNITY button on our website or contact your principal for information.