Students know education is important when adults are involved with and support the school.

Options include:
  • Assisting teachers with lessons or activities in the classroom
  • Volunteering in the main office, nurse’s office, guidance department, library or cafeteria
  • Mentoring a deserving child
  • Accompanying students on a field trip
  • Participating in school organizations like the PTA/PTO or Booster’s Club (Band, Sports, Drama)
  • Providing counsel to your school as a member of an advisory committee like the School Achievement Team
  • Serving on an advisory committee for our district – look under the ABOUT button for a list of opportunities
Our goals:
  • Increase children's motivation for learning
  • Enrich children's school experiences
  • Strengthen school-community relations
  • Build understanding of schools among citizens
The best way to volunteer is to contact your child’s teacher or principal directly.

Businesses and organizations can make a difference through the School Business Partner Program. See the COMMUNITY button on our website for more information and a list of active partnerships.