Parent Visitation
Parents/guardians are encouraged to visit their child’s school during normal operating hours. All visitors are asked to sign in at the main office and obtain a visitor’s badge to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff.

Parents/guardians can visit the classroom (including the playground) at the teacher/school’s invitation or request a formal observation. If you wish to observe a classroom, please be sure to make an appointment several days in advance. Siblings should not attend. Teachers will be happy to discuss the observation at a mutually convenient time. Parents/guardians are also welcome to visit the cafeteria and eat lunch with their child.

In order to protect the privacy of other students and maintain a proper learning environment, parents/guardians may not use any audio or visual recording device at any time during the visitation and must turn off mobile phones and pagers. If the visitation coincides with a school performance or special event, contact the building principal in advance to ask for permission to photograph, film, record…

Principals have the authority to deny access to the school for any individual who has been disruptive or may disrupt or disturb the learning environment, or who lacks a valid or legal purpose for entering the school.