Every day, 25 million American students ride a school bus to and from school safely. In fact, children are nearly eight times safer riding on the school bus than with their own parents and guardians in cars. Moreover, the protective abilities of the school buses we use have never been higher, thanks to years of scientific research and testing.

But even one accident is too much. So it’s vitally important that you show and interest in, and emphasize the importance of, school bus safety with your child. Begin by reviewing a copy of the School Bus Safety Handbook you’ll find at the bottom of this page. It might just save a life!

Start / DismissalTimes

Providing transportation in a growing school district makes it necessary to review the start and dismissal times at each school on an annual basis. Attached below you will find a printout with the current start and end times for our schools.
Please note:
  • Kindergarteners who attend the Cedar Lane-, Spring Meadow- and Townsend ECCs ride on a bus with elementary students attending school on the same campus.
    • Kindergarteners are assigned seating at the front of the bus with elementary students assigned seating at the back.