District Committees

The Appoquinimink School District invites parents, caregivers, business and civic leaders, and any resident of our community with an interest in supporting the success of our students to consider becoming involved in an advisory committee.

Why take on the challenge?
The short answer is, "Because it's important, it's not hard to do, it's interesting, and it feels good to help." It would be hard to imagine a job more important than providing our communities with good public schools. School committees don't administer the schools — professionals do that — but school committees are the guardians of that gift. So it’s important that those individuals who can serve, do step up to the plate and accept responsibility.

How often do you meet?
Each committee sets it’s own schedule. Most meet once a month, however, there could be times when you’ll need to meet more frequently. Meetings generally occur in the evening.

Below is a list of the standing committees currently in operation. If you have a particular interest in a committee's work, please contact the committee chair or contact person listed.
Please note: When forming committees, the district attempts to establish an equitable representation from each school while balancing experience and expertise in the areas being studied.

Building Utilization Committee (BUC)
A committee of citizens, teachers, administrators and civic leaders who track student population trends and recommend to the Board of Education how best to utilize facilities in the district. The BUC might recommend what new construction is necessary when referendums are considered or might recommend more efficient or effective grade configurations within our schools.
Contact: Construction Project Manager Bob Hershey
Phone: 302.376.4125

Calendar Committee
A committee of parents, teachers and administrators charged with developing the annual school calendar for the district.
Contact: Supervisor of Special Projects Ray Gravuer
Phone: 302.376.4286

Consolidated Planning Group
A group of citizens, teachers and administrators who review the district's consolidated grant and monitor the implementation of identified activities.
Contact: Curriculum Director Dr. Kalia Reynolds
Phone: 302.376.4271

Curriculum Committee
Committees of teachers, administrators and specialists working in each content area to develop curriculum, instructional strategies, study benchmarks and assessments which are aligned with state standards.
Contact: Curriculum Director Dr. Kalia Reynolds
Phone: 302.376.4271

Financial Advisory Committee (FAC)
A small group of financial professionals who review the district's financial documents and advise the Finance Director on fiscal matters. Members meet year-round. More information on district finances and the committee is available in the Finance section.
Contact: Finance Director Eric Loftus
Phone: 302.376.4126

Parent/Community Advisory Council (PAC)
A group of parents, business partners and school administrators who meet to exchange ideas, knowledge and concerns on a broad range of topics affecting students and their families.
Contact: Student Services Supervisor Al Volpe
Phone: 302-376-4111

Referendum Committee
A group of citizens and staff charged with educating the community about the need for major capital expansion projects within the district which will allow Appoquinimink to keep pace with rapid growth in the area.
Contact: Superintendent Dr. Matthew Burrows
Phone: 302.376.4101